Zen Cart Standard Hosting - Starting at $10.20 Month

5 GB of space, 15 GB monthly Bandwidth

Zen Cart Small Business Hosting - Starting at $17.00 Month

10 GB of space, 20 GB monthly Bandwidth

We offer quality hosting services to SELECT online vendors using Zen Cart as their e-commerce platform.

We speak to each prospective hosting customer personally prior to allowing them to have their hosting with us. The main things that we require to host with us are:
1) No newsletters to be sent out from Zen Cart for more than 200 clients. If you have more than 200 newsletter subscribers, we recommend MailChimp.
2) Absolutely no spamming is allowed.
3) We request that your software used on the server be up to date for security reasons (EG: Zen Cart, WordPress, etc.)

If you qualify in the above 3 areas and would like to host on our server, feel free to give us a call at 816-550-1900. We believe you will be so happy with our personalized service that we doubt you will ever look for another hosting company again when using Zen Cart as your e-commerce shopping cart!

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