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  • 11 is an excellent free software to use to connect to the server via SFTP.

You will need to set your website up by using File>Site Manager as shown below.


On the left, click on "new site" button. On the right, enter the information as shown below, making sure to use Port 1157 and Protocol of SFTP. You should have received a welcome email when you signed up for hosting with us that gives you your cpanel username and password, which you will also enter in the box as shown below.


You MAY get a message saying is it ok to accept the host, and the answer is yes, it can be trusted.

Once you have successfully connected to the server, you will see on the left side, a directory of your computer folders and files. On the right side is a directory of the files and folders on the server. Your website files will all be under the public_html directory on the server.


Next you will drill down on the left column (your computer) to the file you want to put on the server, then drill down to the appropriate folder on the right (the server). Click on the file on the left, then drag and drop it over to the appropriate place on the right.


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