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As of May 2017, you now have the option to change the version of PHP that your hosting account is running. To do this, first you must log into your cpanel by going to: https://yourdomainnamehere/cpanel

Once in your cPenal, you will see a section called SOFTWARE and within that section, there is an icon named MultiPHP Manager


After clicking the MultiPHP Manager icon, you will need to click your domain name (marked in yellow below) then choose the versiuon you want to upgrade to from the drop down menu next to "Php Version".


Once you have clicked the appropriate items, press the "Apply" button to the right of the PHP Version drop down menu. At that point, you will see a popup that says the change was applied.


Why would you need to change your PHP version? There are several reasons - two of which I will outline below:

1. When operating an e-commerce website and using, PayPal Web Payments Pro or any other credit card processor that collects credit card info from your customers, you are supposed to follow PCI Compliance regulations. Part of those regulations say that your website must be at the latest version of any software used on it. This includes your Zen Cart shopping cart as well as your PHP software.

2. As new versions of software, such as Zen Cart or WordPress come out, they are written to be more secure and to depreciate the use of older versions of PHP software and start using the NEWER, more secure versions.

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