Why Host With Us

Our guarantee to our customers is that we will never overload our server with hosting accounts!  We know that when a server is overloaded, websites will grind to a slow crawl and your visitors will move onto another website faster than lightning!  I do it all the time, and I am willing to bet you do too!

We absolutely do not allow automatic hosting account signup like 99% of other hosting companies do!  For this reason our server is not at risk of being taken down by a nasty person creating an account in order to flood the server with spam or trojan horse viruses.

We also do not make outrageous claims of unlimited bandwidth and space like many hosting companies do.  There is no such thing....

We have our server set to back up your website files and database every night as well as weekly.  This means that you can restore from a backup if something happens to your website.

If you are having a problem with your Zen Cart store, we can most likely help, for a troubleshooting fee.  For example, if you get locked out of your Zen Cart admin, we can log into the database and set you up with a new password so you can get back into your site.  This is NOT a FREE service... but you definitely won't hear us say "we don't support 3rd party scripts"  where Zen Cart is concerned!

If your website is slow even after moving to our hosting, we can offer suggestions on what to do to speed your site up.

We are a "mom and pop" company and have to sleep some times.  This means we do not offer 24/7 "live" customer service, but we are reachable 24/7 and we return calls and emails quickly.  Our server is located in a data center in Florida and is fully managed, so if there is a hiccup with the server, Tech Support will know about it and act accordingly.

We know all of our customers by name.  You are not a number to us.  We speak to each "prospective" customer on the phone prior to even letting them host with us.  We make sure everyone understands our terms of service - no small print - just plain, simple rules.

If you offer credit cart payment options on your website, we highly recommend that you purchase a 256 bit Comodo SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address.  At $99 / year, the investment of less than $9/month should more than pay for itself when your visitors don't leave because they do not see a secure lock on your website when checking out.

Because the sites on our server are e-commerce sites, as part of PCI Compliance regulations, many people have security scans done on their sites.  If there are errors on these scans, we log into your account and dispute and/or update them at no charge.  While we do not GUARANTEE that we can resolve the disputes, 98% of the time we are able to effectively challenge their findings so they will pass the PCI Compliance scan.


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